Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mom's Suburban Race -- Race Report

This sunday I got to participate in one of my favorite race series, the Mom's Suburban Race! It is one of those wacky races where your team has to run around, execute a bunch of tasks and try to get them all done with precision and speed.

In this race series, you pretty much just get a list of all things you have to do and a certain amount of time to do it in....you get to figure out what to do first, where to go next, etc. And in addition to your immediate team members, you can request back up...but it is hit or miss as you can't be certain if the back up will be available.

Sunday's list included the following tasks to be completed under 3 hours:
- Eat lunch
- Run 10 miles, the last four of which are run hauling 50 pounds
- Wash, Dry and Fold as many loads of laundry as possible
- One team member must bowl, glo golf and rock climb for 2 hours
- Two team members must nap for at least 2 consecutive hours


Here's how it went down...

First, I started the first load of laundry.
Then while that was going, I wrestled one team member into his nap..

Fortunately, while this was happening, the other team member quickly jumped on the other task of taking a nap...CHECK!

Then I made a quick call to my back up to see if she could take my other team member to the birthday party for bowling, golfing and climbing (she was running the race too I think...). She agreed since we are on the way. Load team member into shuttle. CHECK.

Swap Laundry. Eat Lunch. CHECK!

Then I went out on a 4-mile loop. Returned to base camp. Swap Laundry. Fold. Check on nappers. Still napping. CHECK.

Facilitate return of team member from bowling, golfing and climbing excursion and debrief. Chat with other teams participating in the race, discuss strategies, success stories, etc.

Check on nappers. Still napping. Set up other team member on computer for "research" and other activites (like gaming on nick.com).

Run 2-mile loop. Return to base camp. Swap Laundry. Fold. Nappers have risen! Time for the final push.

For the final 4 miles of running, load one 40lb team member into 10lb sled/stroller, put one team member on BMX bike, other 2 team members on foot, set out for 4-mile loop pushing the 50 pounds. CHECK!

Return to base camp. Waters all around. One last fold of laundry and I'm DONE!

SWEET!!! Another successful Mom's Suburban Race completed! I ROCK!!! WOO HOO!


Suellen said...

Too funny! I ran a similar race this morning..."The Academics Women's Run"....but I'm not sure I was as successful as you!

Jane said...

This is hilarious, Dionn!

Mark said...


Very funny!

MikeW said...

Funniest thing I've read in months.
And let it be known that I read MANY funny things.

Kris said...

HA HA! Great race report, Dionn!