Saturday, November 17, 2007

The LAB -- Attempt #1

So, this was my first attempt at the LAB and I think it went pretty well. I still haven't mastered the breakfast issue as half way through the 16 miles I had to make a pit stop, but that may be something I just need to factor into the pacing and schedule for the race.

We started at the ass crack of dawn with the fearsome foursome of Michael, Dave, Nick and I. After our pace group of 3:45 began our so-called warmup, we quickly ran up into the back of the group ahead of us. Um...that's not so good. Turns out we were doing faster than MGP for our warm up. WTF? That doesn't bode well for the rest of the day. So after the first half-mile and much debate, we dialed our pace down to an acceptable warm up pace.

Nick was his usual talkative self, which is nice when some of us aren't really morning people, so to have someone entertain you is great! The new LAB course is relatively flat with a short, slight uphill, then down it...then mostly flat until you hit the back side which is a LONG slight uphill that felt like about a mile long. But the good news is that you get to go down that as you come into the finish of the loop. Overall, I thought it was a great course, well marked (except with think mile 4 was a little short and the first half mile marker was early...) and hardly any traffic.

After our warm up lap, we tried to hone in on our target pace of 8:30. Technically, according to the pace calculator, my MGP is 8:20..but the boys were shooting for 8:30 and since this was the first lab, I figured hey, works for me too..that's still at 3:45.

Other than our fastest half mile coming on the backside uphill (I blame Nick, he likes to charge the hills...), I think we were pretty consistent. We all tried some shot blocks at the start of the 3rd loop and we gave them a Thumbs Up. (It was the orange flavor..they are good!). I had to make a pit stop in mile 1 of the 3rd loop and was very glad I did because I felt SO much better afterwards! It would've been not very much fun had I not, that's for damn sure.

So here's what I have on my watch for our paces....
Mile 1 -- 9:30
Mile 2 -- 9:11
Mile 3 -- 9:03
Mile 4 -- 8:35 (we think this mile was marked short)
Mile 5 -- 8:19
Mile 6 -- 8:29 (included water stop)
Mile 7 -- 8:28
Mile 8 -- 9:00 (included water and shot block stop)
Mile 9 -- 9:47 (included pit stop)
Mile 10 -- 8:22
Mile 11 -- 8:24
Mile 12 -- 9:36 (included water and gu stop)
Mile 13 -- 8:14
Mile 14 -- 8:50 (included water stop)
Mile 15 -- 8:22
Mile 16 -- 7:18 (we did pick up the pace for the last mile because everyone was feeling good, but also it is measured short)

So, I think the total time was like 2:18.32 which is a 8:39 pace including all the stops which I think is like a 3:46:40 marathon. (OMG! Like how many times can I say "like"? And I'm all...and she's all...) But I liked that our actual paces during the MGP miles were all between 8:20 and 8:30 which is exactly what we wanted.

I've got some work to do between now and February to get that down to my current goal pace of 8:20 which would be a 3:38 marathon and that would leave me with some wiggle room for pit stops if need be (and I'm sure I will need them!)

Afterwards we had our traditional celebratory breakfast (Panther, Meep, JJ, Jane, Ryze Kryzpy, Triscuit, Driver, Mom and I) that turned into a pub crawl complete with blind taste testing of Miller Lite vs. Bud Light. (I think Miller Lite won....sorry Kris!!). You know it was getting rowdy when not once, not twice, but 5 times the waitress tried to seat folks in the booth next to where we were and they ALL REQUESTED TO BE MOVED!

Cause that's how we roll people.


MikeW said...

sounds like a fun bfast!

MikeW said...

by the way, I ran 1.5 loops of it today, and I can't quite figure out where the "hills" are?!
Hills? girl, don't call those hills, you'll meet hills when you run the RUN FROM HELL!
THOSE, are hills, or, to you, those will be Mt Everests! hee hee

also, i think they should reverse it. It would be much better to run Grover down hill, then the zigzag backside will break up the uphill monotony. I'm not saying, i'm just saying.

Also, nice work on the paces.

MikeW said...

(just kidding)

Kris said...

You guys looked great, Dionn! Thanks for letting me tag along for a mile, that was a good time.

Separately, I hope you got home at a somewhat acceptable time--divorce is just so messy! ;)

Lulu said...

Great run Dionn. I wish Grandma could have come over so you could have come out Sat night. I could have used some backup for the losers trying to tell me how to shoot pool. But it sounds like you had a pretty full day as it was! Next time!!