Friday, November 16, 2007

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

what do you do? Swimming, swimming...

Based upon nothing but my own experience from last season, I've started adding a Long Swim to my workout schedule. I mean for the bike and run, we do quality and then a long version, right? So shouldn't that work for the swim? It's pretty much what I did this past tri season and it usually put me somewhere in the top 5 coming out of the water, so I can't be all that bad.

Yesterday, I strapped it on and did my longest non-stop swim ever, 2500 yards. I just checked into my easy, forever pace and swam. And damn, did it feel good.

I know all you runners and duathletes are out there like swimming freakin' sux, I hate drinking other people's pee (although I'm still confused why you are drinking so much pool water while swimming Panther..), yada, yada. But I really enjoy it. You can settle into a rhythm, let your mind wander (or clear, whatever the day calls for) and just reach, pull, push...reach, pull, push...reach, pull, push...reach, pull, push, breathe...repeat. The sound of the water rushing past your ears, the freedom of floating weightlessly, the gentle caress of the water sliding from your fingertips to your toes....seriously, what's not to like? (in my opinion...)

Anyway, here are my paces:

1st 500 yards (457m) -- 8:50
2nd 500 -- 8:39
3rd 500 -- 8:38
4th 500 -- 8:36
5th 500 -- 8:30

I had a blast!

Followed that with a Blue Jacket workout of Panther's Ladder at the Austin High track.
400 w/200 recovery
800 w/400 recovery
1600 w/400 recovery
800 w/400 recovery

at HMGP of 7:55. Nick and I nailed our pace and it felt great!

Awesome workout day! WOO HOO!


Suellen said...

'fraid I'm one of those folks who'd say..."triathlon is great!...except for the swimming part." The reason? I'm just not good at it, AT ALL. But I do try.

I'm glad, though, that you are having good workouts...even if I am VERY jealous, ( I've been stuck at home with a bronchial infection, complete witha WICKED cough. Blecch!)

Lulu said...

You dirty whore - I cant believe you banked 2500 last night. Damn!!!

P.S. I think you should change your Blogger Occupation to Lady of Leisure

Kris said...

No, Dionn, swimming really does suck. ;)

Dionn said...

Suellen - get better soon!

Lulu - STFU, put your pie hole in the water and swim girl. ;)

Kris - become one with the can be your friend! (unless the water is really cold and you feel like your wetsuit is trying to kill you...then it really does suck.)

Lulu said...

Oh man. I just now - three days later - got the title of this post. Doh!