Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Distribution Requirements

While I try not to "overschedule" my kids (although as a youngster I was totally overscheduled and loved every damn minute of it), I have tried to get them involved in a couple of extra-curricular activities that let them sample different things.

For some reason, I have this view of "balance" and want to make sure that we participate in different genres of activities...something in athletics, something in fine arts..stuff like that. Kind of like what we called at Stanford "Distribution Requirements". You had to have take a certain amount of units in each of the departments so you come out nice and well rounded. I'm sure most schools have the same sort of thing...

This fall in the athletics department, Shay chose soccer again. And in fact, he's pretty damn good at it. He's not the fastest one on the team, but has excellent foot work. When there's a scrum and all the kids are grouped up kicking at the ball, he usually ends up popping out the other side with it!

In the fine arts department, I let Shay choose to either play an instrument or take a dance/theater class. He chose the dance class. (Of course I was thrilled!!) It's this great Hip-Hop, Tap and Jazz class for BOYS ONLY called "Just for Kix". With his great foot work, I figured tap would be right up his alley. PLUS, alot of the great NFL receivers took dance, so it should help on many levels! (I took a ballet class at Stanford that was audited by none other than the great Jerry Rice a couple times. The man has NICE foot work!)

And while I'm sure many of you guys reading this are rolling your eyes...(poor kid, having to take DANCE, they are going to kick his ass at school), check out this video. It's not from Shay's class, but it is a hysterical close facsimile. These kids are WORKING IT OUT! And you know what they say about guys who dance well... I'm not saying...I'm just saying...


Suellen said...

Very cool. I took tap as a kid...but I was always the one that was a half beat behind the tempo. Not because I couldn't do it...I did fine alone...but because I was busy making sure everyone else was doing it right. (Guess being concerned that everyone "gets it" makes me a good teacher).

MikeW said...

I played soccer all my life.
Please be so kind as to refer to it as "Foot skills" for soccer.
Maybe for Dance, it's footwork, but in soccer, it's "Foot Skills".

thank you, carry on.

; )

MikeW said...

You'll just be a cooler mom, if you know the right terms. That's all!

Dionn said...

foot skills for futbol, no?



Kris said...

You definitely learn to appreciate things by doing them. I think it's so cool you're letting them try all this stuff out.