Monday, October 29, 2007

Why, Hello Gorgeous!

Wow! I continue to be simply amazed by the wonderful weather we've been having. (knocks on wood) Doesn't it just ROCK?? How can you not be completely FIRED UP when you step outside into the sunshine and mild temps...I mean COME ON!!

I set out on what was supposed to be an easy 30min run today around Lady Bird Lake (I'm trying, I'm trying!) and was just feeling downright inspired by the weather. I decided with all the fast fun running I've been doing of late to see if I could do the whole 4 mile loop in 30 minutes.

I started out from the annex heading north across the bridge at what I thought should be something like a 5k-ish pace and realized that yes, I really do need a warm-up before starting to try to go after it. So, I warmed up across the bridge, onto the trail and headed east to get to the 4 mile marker on the trail. That way, I figured, I could use the mile markers on the trail and check my splits along the way. (Genius, I know.)

After my little warm up to the marker, I dialed up some good tunes on my GO! playlist and hit it. And I mean, seriously, can you ask for better weather? And the trail wasn't even that crowded. (I guess when you run at Lady of Leisure times, there just aren't that many folks out) The down side was that there weren't any rabbits to pace or folks to ABC and hawk down. The good side was that I didn't have to run around a bunch of bikes, strollers, walkers, etc. (Which normally on an easy run, I really don't mind, but since I was trying to go for time....)

Anyway, here are my splits:

Mile 1: 7:16.18
Mile 2: 7:21.54
Mile 3: 7:24.23
Mile 4: 7:11.46

Total Time: 29:13.41
Pace: 7:18

WOO HOO! Now THAT was fun. Not consistent, but fun. (note to self: work on dialing in and settling into consistent pace) According to my most recent pace calculator thingy, my 5k pace should be 7:14, so I felt pretty good that I was able to average somewhere close to that for the 4 miles.

In my exuberance, I texted my beloved coach Panther to tell him the news. His response:
"That's great as long as that was your easy pace. So tomorrow you'll do sub 6."

YIKES! ...guess I kinda messed up that whole easy on Monday, hard on Tuesday thingy. Sorry Panther! (Sometimes being bad is so much more fun!!!!)

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