Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We Miss You

The song in your heart is wild and racy....I haven't heard it, but I know.

The spirit in your soul is rebellious and free....I haven't seen it, but I know.

The love that you give is strong and sincere....I haven't felt it, but I know.

The adventures you had were wondrous and exciting...I wasn't there, but I know.

I know because I've seen your smile on someone else's lips. I know because your spirit shines in those who knew you best.

I know because of the memories of you that carry them through each day. I know because there's an emptiness inside them that won't ever go away.

On the street, we won't see each other and your voice I'll never hear. Your eyes will never gaze upon me, nor your arms hold me near.

We won't kiss at Christmas or cheer together at a game, but you will always be my brother and I'll love you just the same.

1 comment:

Shorey said...

Is this about who I think it's about? I imagine it's hard every year, and I'm thinking about you.