Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ups and Downs

This morning as Team Schaffner rode to elementary school (read: Shay on his bike and me on my hybrid pulling a 40-lb sled...oh, I mean a semi-comatose Devon who I literally scooped up and buckled into the Burlee) Shay was "On Your Left"-ed by some 5th grader on a fancy gear-bike on the sidewalk. Well, actually, he was a rude 5th grader who simply yelled, "Move over so I can pass!"

I looked over and Shay was crushed, but diligently rode close to one edge so the kid could pass. I saw him for a brief second start to cadence up and catch the kid, but he just kind of relaxed and kept pedaling at his pace.

Not 1 minute later we were approaching the "Big Hill" and I looked ahead on the sidewalk and saw that same bratty kid WALKING his bike up the hill. I peeked over at Shay... he saw him too.

Shay buckled down and kept pedaling...up, up, up the big hill we went. I could see him working hard, and he was focused. Up, up, up and closer, closer, closer we got to the kid. Shay didn't stop, just get driving his legs, forcing his pedals around and around and around. No gears to help, just his little first-grader legs pushing a heavy bike and a will that wouldn't let him stop. Without fanfare, he politely stated "On Your Left" as we passed the kid.

When we got to the top of the hill, Shay with a few beads of perspiration on his brow looked over at me. I winked. He simply turned his head straight ahead and went barrelling down the other side of the "Big Hill" with a GIANT smile on his face.

And mommy had one too. Being a mom ROCKS!


Suellen said...

These are the kind of moments that make motherhood wonderful. Not only did he work hard and make his way...he was gentlemanly about it, and THAT has a lot do with parenting. So good going Mom.

Dionn said...

Thanks! And yes, thank goodness for these moments. I'll have to re-read this post next time he's throwing a tantrum in public and I get "that look" from someone! ;)

Lulu said...

I love it!! Can't wait till Coop can start pulling his own weight ;)