Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweet 16!!

Pop! It's done! My first 16-miler! WOO HOO!

Now, for many of you marathoners, I'm sure this is no big deal. But this is THE FARTHEST I've ever run!

It had auspicious beginnings as I just realized that morning at 5:30am, I had run out of my favorite endurance shake that I've been taking before big workouts AND I had also run out of my favorite GUs! (Nothing like being prepared! oy.)

So, I tried a different breakfast option and then borrowed some GU from a friend, not my fav flavor, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Started out with a nice, easy, slow, long run pace as a part of the fearsome foursome: me, Nick, Michael and Dave. (Ala Panther's recommendation of you cannot go too slow on a long run.) We settled into a nice groove and were just chatting along. Well, except for Dave, he was still really tired so he just ran quietly. ;)

Well, the new breakfast was a bust and around mile 4 or 5 (near the second water stop, I think) I had to make a pit stop at a coffee shop. The boys were nice enough to wait for me at the water stop. Well, nice, except for the amount of ribbing and heckling I received after I was FINALLY ready to proceed! ("Now, we have to warm up all over again." "You are killing my pace!" "My garmin thinks the workout has ended!" yada, yada, yada.....) wasn't really THAT long...sheesh.

The next couple miles went along swimmingly. I found out that Michael doesn't drink..ever...but we still like him anyway. Dave believes in relying more on stored energy during training runs rather than taking GUs. And that given 10 hours of sleep, Nick can literally talk non-stop for almost 3 hours! ;)

Mile 8 was when I had decided to take my first GU (I vaguely remember Sisson telling us during half marathon training that in the half, if you don't take it by mile 7, forget about it..because after that it isn't going to do you any good.) Ripped it open and...YUCK! Did not like the flavor at fact, I couldn't even stomach the rest. So I pitched it, made a silent prayer to the run deities and proceeded on. Guess I'll be taking Dave's approach today...and lord knows I have plenty of "stored energy" that should be tapped.

Saw Panther around mile 11-ish...he looked hungover. I'm sure he was out howling at the moon the night before...or whatever it is that Panthers do....

Was still feeling strong when Wiley went screaming by us around down near campus somewhere. All I heard was a whoosh and a chant "Always Be Closing...Always Be Closing.." and then just saw a pair of skinny, pastey, scrawny legs motoring down the road. As much time as those legs spend in the sun, you think they'd have a little color! It gave me a good giggle for at least a mile. Thanks Wiley.

I was feeling really good, so Nick and I decided to pick up the pace for the last 5k and bring it on home. Upon arriving at the annex, I felt GREAT!!!! Yes, my legs were a little tight and I could feel my knees talking to me a bit....but otherwise I felt AWESOME!

Granted, getting to 16 from 13.2 isn't that big of a jump..but regardless, I'd never done it before so it was fun checking it off the list. Onward and upward, I say!

Of course, I hear from all the veteran marathoners that shit doesn't really start to break down until 18 or 20 and you have to start doing ice baths and crazy stuff like that (which I am SO not looking forward to...remember me and cold water..we don't do very well together...) we'll just have to see if I can keep it together.

But until then, I'm going to frolic in my Sweet 16 for a bit! HOORAY!!


Suellen said...

I also did my longest run ever on Saturday (13.65 miles)...and I also stopped at that very same coffee shop, for the very same reason!

Lulu said...

Great run - and I'm with you on Wiley's legs. I thought that he was a Mexican!!! :)

MikeW said...

Maybe if you laides focused less on the good looking legs you see run by you, you could get faster so i could see yours than just the few moments i'm behind you as i run by.

Honestly, getting skin cancer 4 years ago has me not wanting to suntan much. Not sure why.

MikeW said...

also, i have a secret GU flavor and brand that is fantastic. I'll let you taste it if i remember to bring one on Tuesday.

MikeW said...

Lulu, I'll have you know, i'm an american with swedish ancestry dating back to the 1500's.

MikeW said...

one more comment for good measure.

Dionn said...

Wiley -- that's why I like hanging out with crack me up!

sorry about the skin cancer tho..that really sux.

..and we're working on our speed, so STFU!

Dionn said...

and we never said "good"... only "skinny, pastey and scrawny"..

Shorey said...

"thin" and "fair" sound much nicer

Lulu said...

It's not always about speed Senor Piernas Blancas. And you know you enjoy staring at our butts when you run up on us. If not for us being "slow" you would haave nothing to enjoy when you pass us!