Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stanford Class of 1992 Reunion!!

Yes, I'm that old that I just came back from my 15-year COLLEGE reunion. (hush!)

But what a BLAST it was! We had a fantastic turnout by our classmates and a great time was had by all. I won't bore you with details, but here are a few highlights:

--Eating at my FAVORITE restaurant...yes, it was northern California, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE makes chips and salsa like these guys...I don't care what you say..and believe me, I've tasted A LOT of chips and salsa.

--Driving through the beautiful campus of Stanford University. I remember why I stuck around for two degrees. If it wasn't for having to do that whole dissertation thing, I TOTALLY would have gotten a PhD from there.

-- Passing by certain landmarks and recalling fond memories such as: hey, there's a new building where that one time after a SAE/Pi Phi party, I was so drunk I crashed my bike into a tree.....and hey, I remember when Ems puked in that bush before the Stanford/Cal game......and hey, that's where I lost that game of "Bike Death" and performed my campus-renowned flying-dive-roll-over-the-handle-bars-with-grace maneuver and escaped unharmed.......and that's the bollard that I puked behind that night coming home from the Sigma Nu Sunsplash party......and other such memorable moments...

-- Friday Night Reunion Party was a blast where Jack and Coke seemed to be the reigning drink of choice. It was a chance to get dolled up and catch up with everyone....kind of like speed dating! Favorite person I hadn't seen in forever? Kate Saldutti! (Even her name is cool. And did I mention she plays the sax? Uber Cool.) I am totally booking a trip to NYC to go visit. She is awesome and I miss her.

-- Saturday morning Band/Dollie Field show rehearsal. has been a long time since I've danced on a football field, but it all came back in a flash! It was sketchy at first, but between the four of us Dollies we were able to drag out of our memories the routines needed for the half time show at the Stadium.

-- BRAND NEW "Music Rehearsal Bldg" Unveiling! Affectionately referred to as "The Band Shak", the Band and Dollie's new digs are PHENOMENAL! A far, far cry from the (literal) Shak that we used to rehearse in. The COOLEST thing (IMHO) is that the band photographer, Robbie (who has been shooting the band for literally decades) has FILLED every square inch of wall space with his shots of the band and Dollies throughout the ages. Imagine my shock and surprise to go up the stairs to find this HUGE photo...

of me! Yep...that's me in the red flapper dress and garter belt! (Y'all know how I LOVE themed events!) Check out the height of my jump! WOO HOO! That pic was taken at Big Game 1990, Stanford vs. Cal. We kicked their ASS! GO STANFORD!! FUCK CAL! WOOT!

Anyway, it was really, really cool to know that there is still a little bit of me on campus doing something I absolutely loved. Yes, I got a little sue me.

-- Saturday afternoon tailgate. More socializing, drinking and BBQ. (I love that I come all the way from Texas to eat Tex-Mex and BBQ!) Somehow convince myself and my Dollies that 4 beers counts as a pre-performance warm up. (um..yea, not so much....keep reading.)

--Saturday GAMETIME! Wow..the new stadium ROCKS! (Guess those Alumni dollars are doing something after all....) But let me tell you how cool it was to been down on the field again. There is NOTHING like the college football atmosphere at ground zero. It ROCKS!

Just for a little while, we got to relive the glory days. Dancing on the sidelines, watching the Cardinal play, goofing off with the band, cheering with the student section and even taking the field at half time to dance. Talk about endorfins! I had such a blast dancing at half time that when we ended with the fight song, I was transported back to my hey day, went with music and danced my ass off. Unfortunately, during all of this drinking and partying, I didn't really stretch very much...and well, this 36-year old body needs a little more stretching that when I was 18. Needless to say on an over-exuberant high kick in the fight song, I felt my right hammie go "ping!". Fortunately, that was the last routine we had to perform, so it was all good. And I would TOTALLY take that injury again if I had to do it all over again. What a freakin' blast.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I can't wait for the next one! (Course I think I'll try to remember to stretch or something....)

But boy, did that put the dancing/performing bug in my bones again...I wonder if I should try on a new pair of blue hot pants and look into flights to Dallas in April.......hmmmm

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Suellen said...

Sounds like a good time. I can only imagine going back to my undergrad day in theater (yes I have a degree in theater arts)...catching that bug again would be soooo easy. Of course, my institution wasn't as prestigious as Stanford. Upper Iowa University to be exact (no not Northern Iowa...but a dinky little private school even further north).

But 15 years, that's nothing! Last July it was 30 years since I got my BA (UIU) 19 since my MA (UW--Madison)...but only a year since the Ph.D. from good old UT Austin (that dissertation thing was painful...but it didn't kill me).