Sunday, October 21, 2007

And...We're OFF!

Wow! What a way to start the "off" season with a GREAT IBM 10k!

Here's one great reason to be a middle of the packer.... you don't have to worry about getting lost on the course or misdirected! I'm so sorry for all you speed demons who got totally hosed on the race because of going the wrong way. THAT TOTALLY SUX!

Fortunately for me, by the time I got around to that part of the course, they had it all figured out and we went the correct way without a fact, I didn't even know there had been a problem until I finished and ran into Mark Denton, Panther, JJ and some other fast freaks who got shanghai'd by the mix up. Sorry boys!!

Anyway for was a SUPER race!

Pre-race week began with Panther calling me out, saying that he didn't think I was "mentally ready" to race again so soon after the Half Ironman and that I should just go out and have a decent run.

Um....Hello? Do you not realize I live for this shit? I thrive on endorfins. I'm a Gamer, baby! I didn't get the nickname "Primetime" just because my name is the same as Mr. Sanders.

"Don't expect to PR" he said. Whatever. Course, he could have been saying that just to get me fired up. If so, nice psychology bastard. It worked like a charm!

Besides, I've never actually RACED a 10-k, so with minimal effort I should be able to PR...kinda like the first time you do a distance, it's a PR...that kind of thing. I checked my time from last year.... I ran an 8:55 pace. Nice and easy. After this season, I should be able to do that in my sleep. PR here I come.

Race morning I got up and went through my standard pre-race regimen that I have finely honed all summer and it served me well. Got to the course and actually did the 2 mile warm up as I have discovered that yes, the warm up actually helps me...believe it or not. I am NOT a morning person and I just can't seem to get myself in gear until mile 3 or even 4 on a long run, so warm ups are DEFINITELY in order for me.

Felt great on the warm up. The weather was shaping up nicely...not too cold, not too hot. (You know I'm a tropical people, so I like it warm rather than hot...)

I queued up in the start corral with Menard and Arturo and ran into one of the GREATEST compliments I had all season. They were standing next to this very fit and very fast-looking gal about my age. Menard chimes in and says, "Patty, do you know Dionn?" She turns to me and says, "Yes, I know who you are." Turns out it was Patrica Murphy, fellow 35-39 age grouper and triathlete BAD-ASS! Always on the podium whenever she competes. It was really cool that she even knew who I was. It was really fun to feel like the little guy nipping at the heels of the big dogs in my group. Yep...better watch I come! ;)

Of course then I realized that all three of these guys were probably going to run sub 7's in the race and as much as I wanted to, that was no place (or pace) for me to be. I humbly said my goodbye's and dropped back in the starting line to a place more applicable for my pace.

And speaking of paces, according to my most recent time trial, that pace should be 7:44. I've never run a race of ANY distance at that pace, so I knew I was going to be in for an interesting day. But, as a numbers gal, I had faith in the pace calculator and just told myself, well...if that's what it says I can do, then that's what I'm going to do. check. I'm on it.

BANG! The gun goes off and we are off and running. The first mile was your typical weaving through traffic (didn't seed myself all that correctly after all..) and folks trying to find their grooves. Pace: 7:55

I didn't stress because I knew the first mile would be somewhat of a cluster anyway, but I figured I'd have plenty of time to make it up. And I did. I settled into what I felt was a good sub-8 pace...breathing hard, but steady and finding my groove.

I had a great time following the ABC (Always Be Closing) plan....with a D-twist of course. I would find a gal whose body I thought looked great and then I'd hawk her down, reel her in and move on to the next target. This was a great strategy for me and I had a blast doing it. Everytime I passed some chick with great legs and tushie I would think...keep running like this and I TOO can look like that!

I kept on this plan through all the rollers and tried to push it hard during the last mile since I didn't want to be chastised for sprinting at the finish because I didn't leave it all out on the course. (per Ruth's race plan). It was awesome to see all the friends out there...thank you guys so much! It makes SUCH a difference to have you out there, yelling my name, telling me to "Push it...push it REAL GOOD!", "Go Dionn!" and even Wiley's attempt at "WOOT!" I LOVE IT!

I ran hard through the finish and felt great! I didn't have much left in the tank for a sprint at the end, so I felt like I had done my job and left it out on the course in miles 1-6 and ran a consistent pace throughout the whole race. I'm totally fired up about my performance and am PYSCHED for the tri off season! WOO HOO!

Final Stats: (according to my watch)
Mile 1: 7:55
Mile 2: 7:18
Mile 3: 7:19
Mile 4: 7:31
Mile 5: 7:37
Mile 6: 7:33

Official Run-Far Splits:
1st 5k: 23:18.8 (7:28)
2nd 5k: 23:12.6 (7:26)

Time: 46:32.1 (7:30) ----- PR!!!!

AG Place: 13
Gender Place: 59

Last year's time: 55:21 (8:55)

Topped off the morning with lunch at Trudy's with great friends and many, many Capt. Morgan and cokes. What an AWESOME day!!!

So...what's next??


Lulu said...

Awesome race Dionn! You kick ass!! But we did miss you Sat night at the old M. R.

MikeW said...

Well done!

7:30 pace for a 10k is kickass.
I know the pressure of what i'm about to tell you is out of this world, but that's a 3:37 marathon, and that gets you to Boston, lady!

Train for AT&T, and lets go to Boston!!!!

Dionn said...

What?!? BOSTON? Y'all are crazy...did I mention I've never run ANY marathon?