Friday, October 26, 2007

And I was running...

Following my PR at the IBM 10-k, I'm really getting pumped for running season! I've (unofficially) decided to do the marathon (vs. the half). There...I said writing even...course I haven't actually paid for the race yet, so technically I guess I'm not FULLY committed. But in my heart, I'm pysched to be going for it since I've NEVER run that distance before! We'll see if my body (and mind apparently) can hold it together for that kind of endeavor!

Yesterday's run was awesome! I mean, seriously, who can ask for better weather??

I did the 7-mile loop around Lady Bird Lake (I'm trying to get with the name change...) and tried to run it at what "felt" like a good 10-k pace. It was really cool to actually be passing people on the trail. I used to, jog...the loop and see all these fast folks zooming past me and would always think "holy crap...they are really moving!". But this run, I kinda felt like "hey...I'M really moving". I actually felt like a (gasp) runner!

And since I'm redunkulous and can't ever find all the mile markers, I usually just check my split before I begin the last mile and then try to go hard and drain the tank for the last mile. Here's what I got...

Miles 1-6: 7:40
Mile 7: 7:10 (WOO HOO!)

Total Time: 53:16 (7:36)

While it wasn't quite my new 10-k pace (7:30), it was pretty good for me in a non-race environment. And I suppose given that I was able to run 7:10 for the last mile, I really should have picked it up over the course of the entire run a little bit more. Oh well, these are the lessons that we learn on our runs, right?

Wish me luck for the long run this weekend....16 miles! It will be my longest....EVER! AAAGGHGHHHH!


MikeW said...

Meet you in the kiddie/ice bath pools after the run!

Dionn said...

maybe I should pack Old Glory..