Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First 7!!

I know for some of you, it probably isn't a big deal...but for me, I AM PUMPED!

Yesterday's track workout was the 2-mile Time Trial. Always fun, always nerve-racking. It is challenging to get this thing right! In the past I've made all the classic blunders, going out to fast and cratering at the end, going out to slow and leaving gas still in the tank. How to get it just right? Don't know..still searching...

This time, I actually combined blunders by starting out too fast AND leaving gas in the tank at the end. Go figure. If there's a way to screw it up, I'll find it.

HOWEVER, I am totally excited because I ran my first 7:00 mile EVER! (at least as far back as I can recall...there may have been some sub-7's in my past when outrunning friendly police officers...but that's a blog for another day...) AND I didn't get lapped by Triscuit, Glenda or Kris! WOO HOO!!!

Here are my splits:
(Mile 1 - 7.00.94!!)

Total Time: 14:13 (vs last time of 14:57!)

While I was hoping for 14:00, I feel good about the improvement over last time.

Big thanks to Kris for being my rabbit and for Wiley's one lap check list that helped me kick it to 1:41 for the final lap!!!!

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Kris said...

Damn it, now I have to watch my back! :)

Just kidding--you're doing so great, Dionn. Congrats on an outstanding time trial!!