Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mom Update

After a few extra days in ICU and now moved into her private room on the third floor, here's how I know Mom is doing great. (Also keep in mind that mom is an RN herself and has worked at Seton, where she is staying, for 25 years....)

1. "Dionn, can you get out the bathrobe with the black and white zebra stripes on it, I'm expecting company today."

2. "The food really sucks! Sneak out and get me some fried rice, pot stickers and sweet and sour chicken."

3. "I asked for some hot tea, but when it finally got here it was cold. Guess I'll have to wait until the next shift and see if they are any better. (sigh)"

4. "You guys ordered ESPN Gameplan at the house already, right? Do they broadcast in HD?"

5. "Are the boys packed for their trip? Make sure you charge the DVD player. Don't forget to pack an extra Binkifier (what Devon calls his pacifier... Binkie+Pacifier=Binkifier). What's the weather like in Ohio? Do they need long sleeves? Do you have any long sleeve shirts for them yet? Did you remember to tell the school that Shay will not be there on Friday? Make sure you check with the teacher to see if he has any homework he should take. How many absent days can he have anyway? Are you taking the stroller? Does Mimi have a big boy carseat for Devon yet? Are they going to the Moeller football game on Friday too? Are Shay and Devon going to sleep in the downstairs bedroom together like they did before? What time does their flight leave? Will Shay have to leave school early today? Is it direct or do they have to connect in Atlanta? It's going to be a long day for them, isn't it? What time to do they get back on Sunday? Shay's going to be tired on Monday morning for school. Has he done his Reading testing at school yet? I'd hate for him to have to do that on Monday since he'll be so tired. How was Back to School night last night? Do you like his teacher? Did she say anything specific about Shay or was it just general information? (breath) I hope the boys have fun in Ohio this weekend.

Mom...gotta love her.
ps-> Thanks everyone for all your kind words, thoughts, prayers and hugs over the last week. We (especially me) couldn't have done it without y'all.


Shorey said...

Ok, I'm a bit concerned about #2 on your list... I think our parents must have gone to the same School of Momming. Glad Gigi is feeling better.

Kris said...

Zebra-striped bathrobe--too much! I bet your mom would be fun to go shoe shopping with.

Glad to hear she's doing so well!!

Missychel said...

it was great to see ya last night and glad to read that your mom is on the road to recovery!!

Suellen said...

A Mimi and a Gigi? Too funny. Glenda and I are going to be Gigi and Mimi when my son and daughter-in-law have their baby in January.