Friday, September 14, 2007

Cram before the Exam

Yesterday I tried to cram in a bunch of workouts into one day because Wednesday went to hell in a handbasket and I didn't do crap. And this weekend is questionable because of all my family obligations (sister coming in town, not 1 but TWO soccer games, PLUS Shay's birthday party, not to mention ACL!)

So I started with a ride in the neighborhood. The only bummer about riding in my neighborhood is that no matter which way you go it's nothing but hills, hills and more hills. (Kris would love it here....)

So I strapped it on and went for a nice 14-miler through the hills of Riverplace, Westminister Glen, down City Park road to the lake and back. Fortunately, it wasn't super hot (yet) and the views were beautiful. The pic below is one of my favorite views on this ride because just as you start the screaming downhill, you see the monster uphill way off in the distance. Get aero and hang on! WOO HOO!

Following the bike, I needed to get in a run, so I headed down to the H&B trail. I decided to run two laps of the 4 mile loop, like we did at the end of last weekend's brick. My main goal was to find my nice and easy pace, negative split the laps and drop the hammer for the last mile.

Since I can't ever seem to find all the mile markers, I just checked my split at lap 1, then again at mile 7 (the footbridge). Here's what I got:

Lap 1: 35:45 (blistering, I know...)

Miles 4-7: 26:48

Mile 8: 7:18

Lap 2 Time: 34:06

Total Time: 1:09:52

So what's curious is that after 7 miles, I was able to run a 7:18 (Many thanks to the two random guys who became my rabbits at the foot guys ROCK!). This clearly indicates to me that my nice and easy pace is my old nice and easy pace. For some reason I haven't got it programmed into my head that I can hang on for a good distance at a faster pace! WTH?

Still felt pretty good after the 8-miles (and babysitter was still on the clock..), so I headed over to the pool and logged a mile swim: 27:07. Having not been in the water since the Austin Tri, I'll take it!!

I think I need my new theme song needs to be Salt -n- Peppa's "Push it!" to remind me to giddyap on the run. So if you see me running and lollygagging around... PLEASE yell, cajole, curse, laugh, or whatever you'd like and tell me to "Push it REAL GOOD!"

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