Monday, August 20, 2007

Dollie Reunion '07

Dollies (1989)

Dollies (2007)

Such a FANTASTIC week in the beautiful Casa Bahia at Real del Mar in Mexico with 24 of my closest friends and family! WOW!

(Yes, for the un-indoctrinated of Stanford lore... members of the dance line at Stanford are referred to as "Dollies". No, we are not offended....we love it! And no, our year did not wear the knee-high kick boots. And yes, not one but TWO of our choreographed routines are now a part of Dollie legacy and are considered "Traditionals" in that every year these routines are learned and performed by the current set of Dollies. There are currently only about 8 traditionals since the establishment of the university in 1891. Yes, we rock!)

Where to begin? How about just the highlights...

- getting to see my girlfriends again

- fabulous food from our chef, Francisco

- fully stocked beer fridge

- fantastic margaritas made with love from "Roy"

- Dr. Steele on hand 24/7 to deal with all medical emergencies

- Gina and Adrianna - our full-time babysitters for the week

- negative-edge pools

- the beach

- Cesar's Real del Mar adult beverage

- Scott's Tina Turner impression during Celebrity Bowl

- Prisoner Ball

- Building hotels for the hermit crabs with the boyz

- Open water swim practice complete with attacking seaweed and rocks

- Posting up Big Daddy during beach football

- Exterminator Fest '07

- Dollie Cousins (all 14 of them)

- Categories

- Long naps in the sun by the pool

- Planes, trains and automobiles to get home
And finally the Celebrity Bowl Awards:
Best Clue: "Chick" (for Isadora Duncan) - Matt Browne
Best Impression: Tina Turner - Scott Schaffner
Best Gesture: Andy Geiger injecting cocaine into his Penis
Best Misunderstood Celebrity: Bill Walton
Best Penis Reference: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Good times...


Shorey said...

Holy mackerel - the Dollies are sure a fertile bunch!

Kris said...

Wow, nearly 20 years later and y'all still look awesome!