Monday, August 27, 2007

Accidental Duathlete

There are some days that go perfectly as planned and then, well, there was Saturday.

Here was the original plan, arrive at 9am at RunTex Riverside to do a race simulation of the Austin Tri. That is ride the downtown course and do the run route as well. The reason for starting so late (vs. our usual 7am) was so that any of the folks racing on Sunday could do one lap of the bike course and a short run and then go to packet pick up that began at 10am. Sounds simply enough, right? cha. But just to confirm I had the time right, I had sent Panther a txt to verify the time.

And here's how Saturday went:

0700: Receive txt from Panther "8 am start"
0701: Receive txt from Panther "No. 9"

I go back to sleep. My plan was to get up around 7:30, get in a swim and then meet for the ride.

0725: Receive vm from Panther "uh....I was wrong...Kris is already there and she was supposed to meet an hour before to run 7 miles, so we must be riding at 8"


So I throw on my bike/run gear, load up the car and head out..breakfast shake in the car on the way.

0755: I'm en route...but will be late so I send Panther at txt: ETA 5 min.
0800: Receive vm from Panther..."uh..I was wrong...we aren't riding until 9, so you can either go to breakfast or do a little run...actually, you need to run." great.

So I arrive at RunTex and begin what was to become my first ever duathlon. I did an easy pace 4-mile loop around the trail. It was nice.. a little crowded...but felt very Austin-ish.

So, then the plan was to just meet up and begin the ride. Again..very theory.

However, after arriving back in the parking lot, we began discussing the logistics of transporting the keg (which was currently on melting ice in the back of Shorey's truck because it had to be picked up on Thursday because the warehouse was going to be closed on Friday and Panther was out of town, etc, etc, yada, yada...) down to the race the next morning. Since Shorey was actually racing and the rest of us were just going to volunteer and party, we finally (after much, MUCH debate) convinced Shorey to let me deal with the keg and get it down to the race so that she could focus on nothing else but having a great race.

Then of course was the issue of actually removing the large trash can filled with ice/water and full keg out of Shorey's truck and into mine. Oh, did I mention that it was Panther, Shorey, Kris, Glenda and myself? (Where are the meatheads when you need them?)

So Panther decides that we need to dump all the ice/water out of the trash can so we can move the keg and the can separately. (Anyone else not following Panther's logic???) But before I can get so much as a "Why don't we just lift the keg out of the trash can" out, Panther is pouring the ice/water out into the parking lot. I shoot Panther a quizzical look and he just responds. "Zip it."

No with the trash can emptied, Panther and I hoist the keg out of Shorey's car and into mine. (I knew all that keg training with my sorority would come in handy some day!) But now, of course, we have a the back of my car...where it will be in the sun for the next 3 hours or so...with no ice....cause Panther poured it on the street. Great. With a quick call to Ruth, we are able to "borrow" some ice and ice down the keg. CHECK.

Now, onto the workout. (Note: it's about 9:30 at this point.) So, we proceed to attempt to ride the Austin Tri course but are thwarted at almost every turn by road closures (due to FlugTag) and extensive traffic. We decide to bail on riding downtown and opt to ride out to Buda and back instead. Shorey (with a standard wave-off) goes off to do her pre-race brick.

I was a little worried about the ride when I looked around and noticed it was Panther, Glenda, Kris...and me. Uh oh. How quickly can you say, "dropped"?

The ride was nice...but very, very, very hot!!! Panther took us on a route that passed by almost every active construction site between here and Buda so we were able to provide some..uh...mid-morning distractions for the guys out working. Plus, I was able to keep up with everyone and didn't get dropped after all! HOORAY!

After we got back to the Annex, it was time for the run. Yes it was around NOON by this time and very, very, very, very, very HOT. After much debate on whether to just start drinking margaritas or actually do the run. We decided to do the run (surprise! I know...but we are staring down the barrell of World's and the half-Iron).

So now I'm looking around and realizing that I have to RUN with Panther, Glenda and Kris. Uh oh. Cómo usted dice, caído? Panther assures me that they are going at an easy pace so it will be fine. Of course, their easy pace is a hard run for me. But whatever.

Fortunately, I think the heat was getting to everyone so they kept the pace somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 and I was able to keep up! HOORAY!

All in all, it was quite the adventure, but loads of fun. I semi-did a duathlon and didn't get dropped. For me, I call that a GREAT workout! :)

Big thanks to Panther, Kris, Glenda and Shorey for concocting a crazy, fun day!


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Kris said...

Yay, Dionn! You did awesome on Saturday. WOOT!!