Monday, July 30, 2007

What a week!

Amidst the torrential periodic rain storms, I had a GREAT workout week!
Upholding my pledge to up my running miles, I logged 29.4 this week. (And it would've been closer to 32, but on Thursday we thought we were running 3-mile loops, but they're actually only 2...and had we know, we probably would've done another...but oh well...)

But more important than the actual miles was how those miles felt.

On Monday I ran 7. I expected to feel a little sluggish since I had just raced Marble Falls the day before, but I actually felt good..not strong..but good.

Tuesday, I ran More Pricks than Kicks and it was fun to go fast! ( least fast for me...)

Thursday we ran instead of doing Mesa hill repeats because of the freakin' rain. We were supposed to do one loop at tempo and as Shorey, Stacey and I were running...or apparently jogging... along, Panther came up on us and blustered and bellowed and instructed us to get our asses in gear and pick up the damn pace (or something to that affect....I think there might have been a f'nheimer thrown in there for good measure). So, we all picked it up.

I was going pretty hard and wasn't quite sure I was going to be able to maintain my pace, but I just kept saying to the next street lamp....ok just to the next corner...ok, now to the next curve...and soon enough I was holding my hard pace all the way around! Once I could see the end of the loop, I knew I had it in the bag, so I just kept my foot on the gas and kept going! WOOT! It felt great!

I still needed to get a few more miles in, so on Friday I loaded up the little man in the jogging stroller and in between rain storms did a 6 mile spin together. I'm sure we look hilarious to the passerby's. Devon, chillin in the stroller with his spiderman sunglasses, baggie of goldfish on the left, sippy cup of water on the right, Bose headphones clamped over his ears and two pudgy little hands holding a video iPod (thank god for Disney podcasts and cartoons...) and me with my iPod and all pinked out..pure comedy. It was a tough run pushing all the extra weight, but the cloud cover made it bareable and we finished without a single meltdown. VICTORY!!

And then came the saturday brick. It began with the Lost Creek ride. Since I had done it once before, I at least knew what I was in for in terms of the it wasn't a surprise. I was able to keep up with the lead group until the last couple hills in lost creek. Last time, Kris dropped me right at the beginning of lost creek...damn, she is strong! (But of course, this time she had just returned from a work trip all week and also had to run 6 BEFORE we started riding.....but let me have my moment of joy, please....).

Then after the ride was two 3-mile loops in Travis Country. The first mile was, as always for me, hard as shit. It just takes me awhile to get my legs back under me. And lord was it getting HOT! And I knew it was going to be tough, so I brought my iPod with me for some support. Went to turn it on...DAMMIT....someone freakin' remind me to charge it up from time to time! CRAP! Now I'm gonna have to slog it out on my own. shit. But so I did...

I finished the first loop and threw my iPod into the car (since it wasn't doing me any damn good, I certainly didn't feel like hauling it around for another loop...) and went on for the next round. Granted I wasn't speedy, but I was steady and I just kept after it. I was heading down the big hill preparing for the up when I came upon Menard going up the hill...backwards... What?! Is that fooker just toying with me, WTH? I knew he was kicking my butt...but did he really have to finish, come back for me and then jog up backwards????

But it turns out that Menard (who by the way has just recovered from pneumonia -- but can still kick my ass on the bike and run) was taking it easy so as not to try to do too much too soon. Phew. Although, I'm quite sure had he been feeling 100%, he totally could've come back, run backwards and still been faster than me....

Anyway, finished the run strong...negative split...although since my first mile is always such crap that isn't really that hard to do... But more importantly, it felt good!

Sunday was Pfinally Pflugerville...although I think we should rename it to Pfucking Pflugerville. What an adventure! Two flats, a pit bull attack, lost riders, maxing out at 27 trying to hawk Panther down after he dropped the hammer on us, a rogue car trying to take out Panther with a car door and swerving to try to hit other members of our group and lots of bonks. Aside from that, I actually had a good ride. This whole eating on your bike thing? What a wonderful concept!! I LOVE IT! Makes you feel good! I was even able to turn it up at mile 45 and ride hard the last couple of miles. WOOT!

And then we followed the ride with a dip in Bibi's pool with beer, brats and other yummy things. What a great way to end a fantastic workout week! Thanks everyone who ran, rode and drank with me this week. I had a blast!

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