Saturday, July 21, 2007

Marble Falls Race Plan

Yes, my run sucks. I know it sucks. There..I've said it...again.

HOWEVER, if all goes well, following tomorrow's race I will have fulfilled my promise of running at least 25 miles for the past two weeks. So here's to working on NOT having my run suck. HOORAY!!!!!

But did I mention my run sucks? In fact it sucks so much that I've received the following instructions from beloved Coach Panther regarding tomorrow's race. And I quote:

"I'm not even going to look at your swim and bike times from Marble Falls tomorrow. I want you to PR the run. It's that simple. Do whatever you gotta do to make that happen, but that's what I'd like you to shoot for. ..... There are a lot of races left in the season for you to approach from a "big picture" perspective, and you NEED WORK on the run. " that's the plan. Here comes the hard part tho... and I quote:

Panther: "Ease into the swim, holding back as much as you can without feeling like you're just letting everyone in the water pass you."

-- y'all know the swim is my thing...that's gonna be tough

Panther: "Hold back on the bike. Again--if people you want to pass are passing you, kick it up a notch, but I want you to try to throw away your ego for the bike and save up."

-- throwing away your ego during a race....that is definitely a challenge...BIG PICTURE, BIG PICTURE. I think that's gonna have to be my mantra on the bike , BIG PIC, BIG PIC!

Panther: "FIRE YOUR GUNS on the run. Give it everything you've got. When it hurts, KEEP PUSHING! When you're barely able to breathe, KEEP PUSHING! If you start to go anaerobic, slow down a little and recover, but then, as soon as you're recovered, FIRE YOUR GUNS again! Keep up the intensity. I want you to blow that run course UP!"

So basically the plan will be reach that marvelous spot of just shy of throwing up at the end of the run. That's the plan....I'M ON IT!

Pace PR is currently 8:09 (Yes, I sucks) That's the time to beat.

(As a side note, while my run definitely sucks, it has significantly improved over last year -- which means last year sucked even more. Last year's Pace PR? 8:45. ugh. On the bright side, look how much I've improved already! WOOT!)

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Erin said...

Go get 'em, girl!! (BTW, my tri PR is 8:40. You kick my butt on the run.)