Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Monday

Trying to keep up with my pledge of increasing my run mileage, I set out yesterday around 9:30am to get in a nice, easy 7 around the lake before it got too hot. On my way out the door, however, a call came in that I had to take. And then another..and another. By the time I was done it was 1pm and blazin hot outside.

I hadn't had lunch or even drank anything since breakfast. HOWEVER, I was determined to get my miles in. Since I was running out of time, I decided to do my 7-mile Riverplace loop instead...in the hot, hot, blazing sun with no breeze and no shade. Great.

Even though I was running easy, it was way tough, and did I mention hot? Around mile 6, I was momentarily relieved when I started feeling cooler, but then realized that I was actually getting the chills and decided that probably wasn't a good thing. Fortunately I was almost back home and done with the hills so I managed to bring it on home without passing out mainly because I kept thinking: Scott's out of town until Tuesday night, no one's even going to notice I'm missing until after 6pm when there isn't anyone to pick up the kids from camp ... I have to survive!

After downing about 64 ozs of fluids, the chills subsided and I felt much better. Phew!

And then, I had a great impromptu ride with Shorey and JJ out at the Veloway/Autobahn in the evening. We did a couple loops around the veloway and then headed out to the Autobahn for a few laps. I employed all of Panther's pacelining tips and snuggled up to JJ's wheel and let him pull me up the hills when I was getting too tired to keep up. They either worked or JJ was being nice...either way, it was a great ride for me!

Awesome way to start the workout week! YAY!

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MikeW said...

Tougher than me, i'd a just skipped the run till later afternoon (but I know you don't have that option).