Monday, June 18, 2007

When Duathlons seem like a good idea...

Since I was a complete slacker last week and really took to heart Panther saying "this is the week to skip workouts".... I decided I really needed to kick start the week off getting back into the workout swing of things...and what better way to do that than to enjoy a nice, mid-day swim work out, right??

One of the things I enjoy about swimming out at St. Stephens with the Marshes is that it gives me an opportunity to stay ahead of the bike short tan line by getting super dark with a bathing suit tan line, first.

Oh sorry, is this where I need to take a special moment and say the following:
1. Yes, I check the box -- in fact, not just one, but both of my parents are African-American.
2. Yes, I can tan -- and I do so very quickly when exposed to the sun
3. Yes, I even get sunburned from time to time
4. Yes, you are right, I should probably wear sunscreen, but I don't (hence #'s 3 and 4)

So, given the above, if I do more riding than swimming in the sun, I end up with that crazy, unflattering bike short tan line that screams..."Hey -- look right here at this lighter section above me...this is the BIGGEST part of the leg!" And because I'm African-American (see #1 above), if I DO end up with a bike short line, I can't really just go tanning or layout to try to get rid of it without looking like a complete idiot. (I mean really...when was the last time you saw a black person anywhere near a tanning salon??) I then just have to try and brown up the less brown parts inconspicuously. (I have been known to put sunscreen on from just the bike tan line down when swimming in effort to brown up the right spots...sigh..the things we do....)

Long explanation, but there you go. But I digress....

Anyway, so I'm enjoying my swim workout with Brandon et al at St. Stephens when towards the end of the workout, they needed to use the far lane for a young swimmer who was practicing her diving starts. So, I agreed to move all the way across the pool to the nearest lane, which isn't really a lane because it's got steps in one corner, ladders on the edge and most importantly NO lane lines on the bottom or crosses at the ends. But no biggie, I've only got a 200 pull and a 200 swim to finish up. Plus, it is great practice for open water swimming because you have to swim in a straight line without the lane lines to guide you, otherwise you crash into the ladders, lane ropes, etc.

So, there I was doing my pull and diligently following Brandon's directions on breathing every 5...which meant that I would be bilateral breathing....which I can do, but left to my own devices, I just breathe on the left side, either every 4 or 6 strokes. So there I am, without lane lines, breathing on my offside and trying to steer clear of the much so that I end up nailing the lane rope....with my nail. Now, for some of you guys you might not think that's a big deal, but believe me...when you drive your finger straight into a somewhat rigid surface...all that energy has to go somewhere to dissipate...path of least resistance...that would be your nail jamming back into your finger, breaking into a few pieces and shreading some skin. Nice. Fortunately, it was just one finger and I just sliced a little corner of the nail off... a little blood, but nothing tragic.

At least until the 200 swim....

So, I'm supposed to swim this at a moderately hard pace...and not to mention that about 8-10 high school boys have now assembled by my side of the pool..awaiting the end of our practice so they can jump in and horse around....I'm just not ready to be a crazy, old lady swimmer. Anyway, I'm going pretty strong and have managed to steer clear of the ladders, lane ropes and stop and turn at the ends.....until the 125 mark. I'm chugging along, feeling good that I don't have much left to go in the workout, pulling good water when all of the sudden I see stars flashing across my eyes and I let out a quick yelp under water...what the hell was that?

I stop swimming and realize the source of my pain is coming from my hand. I look up and I'm at the far end of the pool and have just rammed my hand into the concrete wall. I have blood trickling from not 1, not 2...not even 3, but all 4 fingernails! Nice. I quickly picked off a few of the shattered pieces that were still dangling from my nail beds and charged on. (Didn't want to miss my interval time after all....)

After I was done, I assessed the damage. The good news was that after the bleeding stopped, I was proud to note that my hand was in fact entering the front part of the stroke and water at a 45-degree demonstrated by the 45-degree line from top left corner to bottom right corner on the nail on each of the four fingers on my right hand. To the left of the line was the remaining nail, to the right of the line...soft, squishy, raw exposed skin...ouch.

The bad news was that tomorrow I have a really important meeting...and in case you've never noticed, I gesticulate...alot..... so if I have bad hands, it gets noticed. ugh. Once in the car, I made an emergency appointment at the nail salon.

I'm not sure which was worse, the injury, or the repair. I should've done a couple shots of Tequila before my appointment. Regardless, my girls pulled through and if you saw my hands now, you'd never know what happened.....

Maybe Panther has the right idea after all....


Missychel said...

yikes.....that turned my tumy a bit and yes, swimming is EVIL!!

Shorey said...

Ouch, D!