Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pub Run Virgin -- HOORAY! tonite will be my inaugural Pub Run! I'm so excited!

But I have so many questions!

1. What should I do with my keys/phone/ID/money, etc. I mean when I'm pubbing, I have a purse...when I'm running, I just carry my fob..... what do you do for a Pub Run??

2. What should I wear? Standard running gear? Someone said something about a Wet T-shirt contest?

3. What if we go to the Broken Spoke? (I'm not really the target market over there...ya know...)

4. How much should I drink? I've never drank and run before...will I get more hammered because the blood is rushing around so much more or less because I'm working it off?

5. How many people should I give my husband's cell phone number to in case I'm found face down in my running shoes at the end of the night? (Shorey - you know where I live, right?)


Shorey said...

You will need to carry all your stuff with you - possibly in a Ziploc. I would suggest just your keyless remote for your car, your house key (if you don't think you'll drive), your ID and either cash or CC. Wear shorts with a pocket &/or a cycling shirt with pockets in the back. Pace yourself at the first bar, but I've found that I don't necessarily get "drunker", because there's sweating involved (that's what she said). And yes, I know where you live.

Shorey said...

You can also get one of those plastic wallet things from J&A's before - that works quite well.

Shorey said...

And they have them in PINK!

Susan B said...

You give your husband's cell 'phone number to any guy in any of the bars that asks for your number ;-)