Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How do I get roped into these things??

Isn't it funny how some ideas sound really, really fun after several rounds of drinks??

Take for example a couple months ago at a Girls Night Out with the ladies of the neighborhood (read: bunch of moms, glad to be away from home for an evening and drinking heavily at the country club), the GNO committee was brainstorming about the next event and what to do. Someone mentioned a fashion show. Someone else said outside by the pool. And the next thing you know, it is going to be a Bathing Suit Fashion show! (I think the drink of the night that night was Mexican Martini's...but I'm kinda fuzzy on the details....hmmmm.)

Now that by itself, is not such a bad idea, right? Well, as the drinks continued to flow, somehow the subject of who was going to model the suits came can see where this is headed, right? Sometime later that evening, I was on the hook to a model...oh lord. My conditions were these (as were told to me a couple weeks later when I was reminded of my commitment):

1. I will get to wear a wrap/skirt/coverup with each outfit

2. I will get free drinks...all night.

3. Said free drinks will commence being served at least one hour before show time.

So instead of a bike workout, I got liquored up with my gal pals of the neighborhood and strutted our stuff while trying not to fall into the pool in our FMHs. This I know for certain, the ladies on America's Next Top Model make it look a whole lot easier than it really is!

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Shorey said...

Honestly, it doesn't take much to convince you to do almost anything. Especially when there's alcohol. You're always game!