Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Day in the Life....

This is how my Tuesday went...a typical day in the Schaffner household:

1:00AM - Bedtime for mommy. Sometimes the best time to write software is in the nighttime when the rest of the house is asleep and the emails barely trickle in..

5:55AM - Wake to the sound of Big Daddy (husband Scott) having a morning pee..went back to sleep

6:00AM - what is that sound that is waking me up now.....Scott STILL peeing? Good lord!...back to sleep

7:00AM - Rise and Shine. Big Daddy is back from his morning swim and hits the showers. (He's training for the Couples Tri...YEAH!) I'm up and at 'em, check email and calendar and make the PofA (Plan of Action) for the day.

7:30AM - Wake Big Little Man (Shay - Age 6) since he has summer camp this morning. He wants waffles for breakfast. Thank goodness for Eggos. Set him up at the breakfast table and watching The Magic School Bus. Big Daddy makes Shay's lunch for Camp, gets his backpack all ready to go and feeds the dogs.

7:45AM - Wake Lil Man (Devon - Age 2). He's still sleepy so I change his diaper in his crib to give him a few more precious moments with his pacifier (only allowed at night time...we are weaning....). Scoop him up and carry him downstairs, still groggy and half asleep on my shoulder. He perks up when he sees that Shay is up and watching The Magic School Bus..and agrees to sit and have some breakfast too. No waffles...he wants Kix.

7:55AM - Big Daddy gives kisses all around and heads off to work. Shower time for mommy while the boys are having breakfast.

8:00AM - (Very short shower) The 20-Min countdown clock is ON! I've got 20 minutes to get 3 people dressed, ready for public viewing and into the car. Hustle upstairs and pick out clothes for the boys. Instruct Shay to finish eating and get dressed. I throw on some clothes, hair in a ponytail, cap, tennis shoes..done. Tackle Lil Man (as he always thinks its fun to run from me when obviously we are in a hurry...) and perform olympic-level wrestling maneuvers and manage to get him out of his pajamas and into clothes, shoes and socks.

8:10AM - Dole out toothbrushes to the boys and set the toothbrush timer (2 minutes). Quickly check email to see which calls I need to make in the car during the commute.

8:12AM - Follow up toothbrushing on both boys (you know they try, but don't do the best of jobs....). Wash faces, spray water on the boys' hair, a touch of hair gel and voila! (Don't know what they hell I'd do if I ever have a girl....)

8:14AM - Throw a Creamy Chocolate Slimfast in the microwave (breakfast of champions don't you know)....I don't like the way they taste cold, but its almost like hot chocolate if you heat it up..go figure. Announce that we are leaving in ONE MINUTE!

8:15AM - Grab shake from microwave, circle the house turning off lights, locking doors, picking up breakfast dishes, instructing boys to grab their backpacks and shepherding everyone out to the car

8:20AM - Everyone's buckled up and we are pulling out! (Yes it takes 5 minutes to get out of the house and into the car...I know....)

8:50 - Battle traffic and arrive downtown at Zachary Scott Theater for Shay's Summer Camp (yes, he's at Hip Hop Camp this week!). Drop Shay off, then turn around and head back home...traffic sucks.

9:20 - Finally arrive back home with Lil Man. Commence cleaning house because today is our day to host Devon's playgroup in about a half hour. A wild pack of about 6-8 two year olds.

10:00 - Playgroup commences...all hell breaks loose....but everyone has a good time and many, many goldfish are consumed. Because that's how the Lil Man rolls.

11:30 - Playgroup ends (thankfully). Quick cleanup, then it's off to Daycare for Lil Man so mommy can get some work done.

11:45-4:15 - Mommy works

4:15 - Crap...not enough hours in the day. I've got to blast. First I have to pack snacks for Devon and Shay for the after-camp/daycare munch fest in the car. Also need to pack their jammies since they are going to GG's (grandma) house so I can train. Big Daddy working late tonight.

4:25 - Running late! Hurry and pick up Devon from daycare and then headout to go downtown to pick up Shay.

4:30 - Come to a screeching halt on 2222....bad traffic accident...road is completely shut down both ways. Now what...quick assessment of the situation...time to go to Plan B. Execute a U-turn on 2222 (Yukon Denali XL + bike rack - not easy to do, but the Yukons have the best turning radius in their class) and head down 360 instead.

5:15 - Finally arrive at Zachary Scott...only a few minutes away from being charged with a late pick up fee. Grab Shay and start to roll to GGs in Oak Hill. Boys dig into snacks. Traffic is a NIGHTMARE.

5:40 - Finally arrive at GG's in Oak Hill...boys jump out and run in...I throw the PJ bag in mom's house and thank her profusely as I jump back in the car and head out. Traffic sucks even more on 71! I'm going to be late....again...

5:55 - Driving down Barton Springs I see the running group headed towards Garner...shit...maybe I should just bag the group workout and run the trails instead. Plan C.

6:00 - Throw my keys in the annex as Ruth is describing to another runner how to get to Garner...what the hell, I guess I'll go and show her how to get there.

6:10-ish - Finally arrive, meet Stephanie and start the workout. I end up doing 4 repeats, one because I'm late and it would not be fair to make Stephanie wait on me while I finish and two I should be tapering a bit for this weekend anyway I suppose. We finish up and head back to the Annex.

7:30 - Depart Annex for GGs house to grab some dinner and pick up the boys. Drive through Golden Chick for THE best chicken tenders in Austin, fries and a 32-oz Dr. Pepper (Dinner of champions...I know...)

8:30 - Eat at GGs, watch America's Funniest Home Videos with the boyz and GG then shepherd everyone back into the car to head home. The boyz are tired...mommy's tired...GG's tired too.

9:00PM - Get home and take the boyz upstairs to bed. Potty, brush teeth, potty again. Big Daddy arrives home from work dinner, feeds the dogs and then joins us upstairs. Both boys climb into the top bunk of Shay's bunk beds. We turn on the trains (we have a double train track suspended from the ceiling in Shay's room -- it's really cool....), turn out the lights, give kisses all around...and the boys fall quickly asleep to the soothing lights and sounds of the trains running....

9:30PM - Big Daddy and I sit in the kitchen and compare notes from the day...everybody's tired, there's no basketball on tonight and I don't feel like we decide to just call it a day.

10:30PM - Take a few moments to develop the PofA for Wednesday, then lights out. Whew.


Shorey said...

So, does Scott know that his urinating has made your blog?? Seriously, D, your day is CRAZY. I need a nap after just reading about it.

Kris said...

I'm tired.

MikeW said...

I got tired just reading it too.
Question: if there's a Big Daddy, a Lil Big Man, a Lil Man in the house, what's your name?

revrin rick said...

good heavens! what a day! woman, you have plenty going on and are a hero like every working mother in the world. only you're also an athlete. that's insane. but admirable. big time.
ps i pee loudly early in the a.m. as well. it's a man thing.