Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tri Camp - First Ride

So, there we are...crack of dawn and ready to roll. Everyone is glancing around, checking out each other's gear, choice of clothing, number of water bottles on board, etc. It feels like something out of National Geographic where the pack has to determine the pecking order.

Fortunately for us, the results of our Bike AT test have taken the guess work out of it! Paul Huddle calls the clan to order and calls out the groups and ride leaders. We're divided into Group 1 and Group 2..and then 3 groups of five within each of those.

I'm in Group 1...but don't let the number fool you. Group A of Group 2 has Michellie (Ironman 2006 champ) as their ride leader. Her group had the kick-ass, been there-done that Ironman finishers in it. Group C of Group 1, led by the lovable Huddle had the First Tri or haven't Tri'd in awhile folks. As one gals husband told her after she mentioned that she was in Huddles' group, "You know Huddle always gets the slowest riders, right?"

Me? Group B of Group 1. In my ever present competitive nature, I'm in the 5th out of 6 groups according to speed. Not my proudest moment I tell you...but then again, that's why I'm here. So after a few moments of "Good lord, I can't believe I'm this far back..maybe I shouldn't even be here...I should have tried harder on the AT test-- I hadn't puked, so I didn't go hard enough..I have got way too much junk in my trunk, that's why I'm so slow, etc." I pulled myself together and vowed to make the most of my training ride...even if I was at the back of the pack.

And so, with a smile, we shove off...riding to our first destination...a big, empty parking lot to practice bike skills. Group 1 arrives (Group 1 rode to the pool for their swim workout first) and the coaches have us line up in a long line side by side...we looked like a motorcycle gang..and they talked about bike safety, how to turn and how to stop. (Which as we all know, this magical skill alludes us all from time to time..). So we bike rodeo'd around the parking lot, practicinig turns and riding up to the coaches and coming to a smooth (not screeching) stop and calmly clipping out when the coaches yelled "STOP!".

The good news here is that I:
1. Did not hurt anyone else during the skills
2. Managed to stop and clip out when asked, and
3. Did not fall over in line because I couldn't get out of my clips.

Others, whose names will not be mentioned here, were not quite so lucky. :)

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