Friday, February 9, 2007

Tri Camp - Day 1

Aside from really cool staff, the other campers are way cool! There are quite a few masters ladies (read women over 40) who have done Half and Full Ironmans before, a Collegiate swimmer, a Navy Seal, a Marine and even Deena might have seen her on a little reality series.....Survivor - Amazon! Plus tons of other great (and really, really, really fit) weekend warrior athletes.

Day 1 arrives with more testing and video taping for Gait Analysis by THE man in custom insoles for athletes, Danny Abshire. (Check out his stuff and credentials at No pressure or anything, right? This test is a little more low key in that all we have to do is hop on the treadmill, warm up and run while they video tape you from every angle so that he can analyze your stride, your recovery, your pronation, where you strike on your foot when you land, how your arms swing, your body position, what your shoulders are doing, etc. All the elements of running form...he's going to check it out.

So I hop on and start running on the treadmill. I try to get up to a comfortable speed and look natural and just run like I always do. But of course I start with the mental I running with good form, are my arms crossing my body...I'm trying a braid in my pony tail because the marine layer fog out here is turning my hair into an afro and the swinging is driving me crazy...I wonder if my butt looks big as they are taping from the back...I hope you can't see my legs jiggling all over the place. how embarrasing would it be if I fell off the back of this treadmill with everyone watching and it caught on tape...oh well, maybe I'd win some money on America's Funniest Home Videos or I running in the middle of the treadmill...don't look down, you don't want that on the tape..quit weaving..I must look like a drunk runner on this thing...ugh.

"OK..Dionn, we're good!" says Katai (pronounced Kay-tie). I hop off and go sit out by the pool with the other campers as folks roll through the gait analysis testing until the next event at 2:00 a bike ride with John Duke (CEO and Publisher of Triathlete Magazine!)...nickname, "The Devil". Fortunately, John was ready for a pleasant 1-hour tour of the Pacific Coast Highway...delightfully showing us the beautiful beaches and beautiful surfers! It was a nice, mellow ride designed to make sure our bikes were in good working order and prepared for the big rides coming over the next couple of days.

Upon our return one ambitious and ironman-looking group of campers decide to suit up and head out for an afternoon run since the next scheduled event is 6:00 dinner. I'd love to go as well, but I'm fearful of ending up running by myself as those guys looked hella I decide to just hang out and be social with the others. (Hmmm..where is my comfort zone do ya think?)

6:00 comes and we get the official Camp kickoff welcome and introduction. Paul, Roch and Paula have all the staff line up and they do introductions of everyone. As I stated before, its an impressive bunch of folks not only from their physiques but the accomplishments they've racked up over the years. I feel like we're in real good hands over the next couple of days. It's going to be fun!

Our first official lecture is on swimming technique by Roch Frey (pronounced Rock). I'd like to give major props out to two of the affiliated swimming coaches of Rogue starting with Monica Williams and most recently Stephanie (who's master program will be the swimming portion of the Rogue XTREME Tri challenge this year). In Roch's lecture, he emphasized many of the points and drills that Monica and Stephanie have been making over the past couple of years. For anyone who has been swimming with these ladies, take serious comfort in knowing that they know what they are talking about as well and are preparing you and I fantastically!

The major take aways from Roch's lecture were: Drills are important as they help you make your stroke more efficient....and once you have an efficient stroke, you can easily get faster by simply speeding up your efficient stroke. After the lecture, I felt really confident in my swimming abilities and was really relaxed about the first swim workout scheduled for tomorrow.

The next lecture was on Bio-mechanical performance and injury prevention from Danny Abshire. The key lessons here were that it was really important to listen to your body. It has a myriad of feedback opportunities for you that can help you figure out what's going on with your body. He also mentioned that is was really important to have 3 plans in a race because you just never know what's going to happen on race (or a training) day.
Plan A: everything is going great, just as expected, no surprises, Race ON!
Plan B: something's hurting, or you are bonking...start asking questions, is my blood sugar low, do I need to eat something, am I dehydrated, let me take a drink, am I fatigued, maybe I should slow my pace, or walk for a bit or take a 30-sec stop at the next aid station...
Plan C: everything has gone to hell, continuing on will definitely hurt's time to stop...Live to fight another day.

After Danny was done, it was time to hit the rack...tomorrow will be the first big workout day starting with a bike ride from 7:30-9:45 ending at the pool and then followed by a swim workout from 10-11:30....all before lunch. oy. time for bed indeed.

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Shorey said...

Excellent update, D! You are a much stronger athlete than you give yourself credit for. I'm fairly certain I would have puked.